Hand hygiene for everyone

Sometimes even the simplest products can prove to be rather complex for people with disabilities. For example, take the person in a wheelchair. Stairs, high cabinets, the placement of door handles or latches, basin/sinks, etc., all of these can prove to be rather user-unfriendly. from Pocket http://ift.tt/2oSIlP5 via IFTTT

Earphones that don’t sit in your ears!

Call me audio-obsessed, but I can’t stop admiring this pair of earphones (should I call them that? They don’t really rely on your ears) that go by the name Batband. Using a technology we’ve been a fan of for long, i.e. from Pocket http://ift.tt/2p4BPSY via IFTTT

Facebook opens up donations for personal needs

Last year, Facebook announced a tool to help you create fundraisers for 501c3 nonprofits verified by the company. The social network even extended those donations to live videos. Today, Facebook is giving you the chance to raise money for causes that hit a little closer to home. from Pocket http://ift.tt/2nzr9ev via IFTTT

Amazon is making Twitch a destination for original shows

You’ll probably have to get used to the idea of Twitch streaming a bunch of Amazon Prime Video shows. Starting at 4PM Eastern on April 5th, three of Prime Video’s spring pilots will air on repeat for 24 hours on the Twitch Presents page, which just finished showing 23 seasons of Power Rangers. from Pocket…