This Is What An ‘Anti-Design’ Store Looks Like

While some stores go all-out in terms of design for their flagship store, Danish audio design brand AIAIAI decided to go in a different direction. The minimalist interior of the Copenhagen store has even been called “anti-design” for its no frills aesthetic. from Pocket via IFTTT

Reserve An Open Air Double Bed In The Swiss Countryside

Conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin, along with hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnier, have re-opened their ‘Null Stern Hotel,’ a real estate concept in the form of an open-air double bed located in the Swiss countryside that showcases the natural splendor of the landscape. from Pocket via IFTTT

Sega Launches Retro Mega Drive Console

Nintendo recently made us all very nostalgic by announcing that it’s bringing back the NES in a new way. The company launched the new mini NES Classic Edition which comes pre-loaded with 30 games. Sega wants to get in on the action as well. from Pocket via IFTTT